Baked Tempeh, Mushrooms, and Leeks in a Cashew Cream

Do you cook with tempeh? We make tempeh bacon for special occasions, but beyond that, tempeh was not a go to ingredient. That is until now. Why? Two words: cashew cream. It takes ho-hum tempeh and turns it into a dish we can only describe as decadent. Who would have thought tempeh could be described as decadent?

A fan favorite at the farmhouse Two Hours From Manhattan, this is a recipe we turn to when we want to treat ourselves to a flavor packed indulgence. We are confident if you give this a try, you will also return to this recipe again, and again, and again.


Baked Tempeh, Mushrooms, and Leeks in a Cashew Cream

  • Servings: 4 servings
  • Difficulty: Easy
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– 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

– 8-ounce plain tempeh block, thinly sliced crosswise

– 1 cup raw cashews soaked in boiling water for 30 minutes if you have a strong blender like a Vitamix, or soak the cashews overnight in the refrigerator.

– 2 cups water

– 3 cloves garlic

– 1 teaspoon fine sea salt

– 2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

– 1 leek, cut in half and thoroughly rinse

– 8 ounces mushrooms, sliced

– Paprika as a garnish




  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Prepare a 9-by-13 inch baking dish with a cooking spray or lightly grease with margarine (i.e., Earth Balance).
  3. Prepare the leeks by cutting off the dark green end, trimming to the pale green section. Cut off the root end. Slice the remaining stalk in half and then thinly slice crosswise. Rinse the leek slices thoroughly by swishing them in a bowl of cold water. Use a colander to strain and set aside.
  4. Heat a skillet pan over medium-high heat and add the oil. Heat the oil until glistening and then add the tempeh slices. (You may need to do this in batches to avoid overcrowding the pan.)
  5. Brown the tempeh, carefully turning after two or three minutes to ensure both sides become golden brown.
  6. When browned, remove from pan and place on a plate. Set aside.
  7. Rinse the cashews thoroughly and place them in a high speed blender along with the water, garlic, and sea salt. Blend on high until smooth.
  8. At this point you will be done with the blender but to save an extra bowl to clean, add the thyme and leeks to the cashew cream and stir. Set aside.
  9. In your prepared pan, layer the tempeh and mushrooms and then pour the cashew cream over the top. Sprinkle with paprika.
  10. Cover the pan with tinfoil and bake for 30 minutes.
  11. Remove tinfoil and bake and additional 5 minutes, or until browned on top.
  12. Serve warm as a side dish or make it a main dish by serving over pasta or rice.

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